About Us

Join an archaeological adventure in Thoroughbred Country. Be a member of the team and help excavate one of North Americas most ancient archaeological sites associated with several prehistoric chert quarries. 

The 2010 South Carolina Institute of Archaeology & Anthropology seasonal dig at the Topper site near Allendale is scheduled May 3 through June 5. Stay a week or more as part of the team or take a Saturday tour of the site. 

The Topper Site Expedition is a field program where members of the public can participate and experience multi-disciplinary archaeological field work. The 2010 Expedition will concentrate on the Clovis occupations at Topper and Big Pine Tree sites and the pre-Clovis excavation will again focus on the deeper Pleistocene terrace deposits down to the 50,000 year level. Also, in conjuction with SCIAA’s underwater team, the dredging operation at the Big Pine Tree site will continue during weeks 1 and 2.

Tours of the Topper Site are available and open to the public every Saturday in May between 9 am and noon. There is no cost. Dr Goodyear will provide a lecture and tour of the site which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Restrooms and picnic sites are available. Bring water, wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Complete your morning with a picnic lunch at the site. Advance Reservations are required for the tours. Please contact Dr. Goodyear at 803-777-8170 or email: goodyear@sc.edu

The Expedition member cost is $466 per week ($400 is tax deductible). Pre-registration is required. Included in the member cost is free camping with hot showers, evening meals M-F and lunch M-Sat., evening educational programs, t-shirt and book. For non-campers, motels (not included in member costs) are within 30 miles of the site. For more information and questions about the Expedition please contact Dr. Goodyear at 803-777-8170 Email: goodyear@sc.edu

Registration questions should be directed to Tom Pertierra at 850-342-3422 Email: sepaleo@archaeologynet.org

The Topper Site has received national and international media attention from CNN, U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, The National Geographic, the New York Times, Scientific American and Science Magazine. The Topper Site has been featured on South Carolina Educational Television and a DVD is available for purchase on the SCETV website. The Topper Site was also the subject of PBS’s television series “Time Team America”. Visit the PBS website to view the episode that originally aired on July 15, 2009.

More information about the Expedition can be found on their website at www.allendale-expedition.net